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Oregon Tool

Oregon- the world leader in saw chain, guide bars, sprockets, and sharpening tools for chainsaws.

More about Oregon Tool

The Oregon Swiss-Made Double Cut Saw Chain File is designed for superior sharpening performance and longevity. This high-quality file features a special double-cut design with precision cutting tooth angles that efficiently remove more material while providing a smooth finish. Made in Switzerland, it offers excellent clog resistance, ensuring consistent and effective sharpening. Rely on this file to keep your saw chain in top condition, enhancing both its performance and lifespan.


  • Design: Swiss-made double cut file
  • Cutting Performance:
    • Special double-cut design with precision-cutting tooth angles
    • Removes more material per stroke
    • Feels smoother during operation
    • Resists clogging for consistent performance
  • Durability: Long-lasting with extended life
  • Available Sizes:
    • 4.0mm
    • 4.5mm
    • 4.8mm
    • 5.5mm
  • Packaging Options:
    • Pack of 3
    • Pack of 12


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