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Oregon Tool

Oregon- the world leader in saw chain, guide bars, sprockets, and sharpening tools for chainsaws.

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Oregon Premium Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Kit with Hard Case, Chainsaw Chain Sharpener with Files, Handles, Depth Gauge, Stump Vice, Felling Wedge & Accessories (601981)

  • Universal, portable chainsaw sharpening kit with heavy-duty, compact case - keeps everything in place and makes it easy to find the tool you need quickly
  • Stump vise holds the chainsaw in place while working on your saw in the woods, creating a working bench on the stump.
  • Includes files for chains from 1/4" pitch to .404" pitch - with round files, flat file, file guide, depth gauge tool and file handles - to help maintain the saw chain and keep it sharp and efficient
  • Chainsaw wrench and mini screwdriver helps you to access all parts of your saw for maintenance.
  • Felling wedge helps you keep your bar and chain from getting pinched when making a cut and tip the tree in the right direction.


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