Service & Repair from Willis & Grabham

We offer servicing and repairs for a wide range of garden machinery including lawn mowers, compact tractors, ride on tractors, chainsaws, and strimmers etc. All work is carried out by our own professional team, who have years of experience repairing various brands and manufacturers of machinery.

All of our garden machinery repairs are serviced with Aspen fuel. Aspen fuel is also much purer than normal pump petrol and therefore able to be stored for 3-5 years without going off and gumming up carburettors.

If you are interested in any of our services listed below, please feel free to contact us with any questions.


We will carry out a full service on your chainsaw including cleaning the fuel tank, oil tank and carb, replacing spark plugs, air and fuel filters. greasing where applicable, and refueled with Aspen fuel.

Our cost for this service is £100.00 + Spare Parts + VAT.


We can repair trimmers, brushcutters, hedge trimmers and a range of other handheld garden machinery. Our full service includes fuel tank and carb cleaning, replacing spark plugs, air and fuel filters. greasing where applicable, and refueled with Aspen fuel.

Our handheld servicing is £100.00 + Spare Parts + VAT.

Please note if hedge trimmers need sharpening there will be additional cost.

Pedestrian Mowers

When we service your pedestrian mower, we pressure wash your mower, clean the fuel tank  and carb, change oil. spark plugs, air and fuel filter replaced,wheel bearings checked and greased where applicable, sharpen the blade and refueled with Aspen fuel.

For mowers with 16" to 18" size of cut, our service cost is £100.00 + Spare Parts + VAT.

19" to 24" size cut mowers service cost is £120.00 + Spare Parts + VAT.

We also offer an all in Oil Change, Spark Plug, and blade sharpen for £50 + VAT ( Your machine must be working ok for us to carry this out)

Ride on Mower

Servicing of ride on mowers. Carrying out a full service includes pressure washing your tractor mower. Fuel tank, and carb cleaned, oil changed, spark plugs, air and fuel/oil filters changed, all relevent parts greased, blade/blades sharpened. Refueled using Aspen fuel.

If any repairs or part changes are needed, our services do not cover the cost of any additional parts and labour.

Our ride on mower servicing is £200.00 + Spare Parts + VAT.

Powered grass collector and sweeper service for £50.00 + Spare Parts + VAT.

Other Repair Services

We also offer repair services for most petrol garden machinery. For this we charge at our hourly rate of £50 + VAT.