Solidur Felin Chainsaw Trousers Stretch - Type A (Short Leg)



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Solidur FELIN Stretch Chainsaw Trousers

SHORT LEG 74cms / 29" inside leg

The Solidur FELIN Stretch Chainsaw Trousers are designed for individuals who work with chainsaws.


  • Conformity: The trousers conform to EN381-5 Class 1 Type / Design A, which is a European standard for chainsaw protective clothing. This indicates that they meet certain safety requirements for protection against chainsaw cuts.

  • Chainsaw Cut Protection: The trousers are equipped with low bulk 5-layer chainsaw cut protective material. This material is likely designed to provide protection to the wearer in case of accidental contact with a chainsaw.

  • Outer Material: The outer material of these trousers is described as a 4-way stretch fabric. This suggests that the trousers are designed to be flexible and provide ease of movement, which can be important when working with chainsaws.

  • Reinforced Knee and Shin Areas: Extra strength material is used in the knee and shin areas of the trousers. This reinforcement is likely intended to provide additional durability and protection in areas that are more susceptible to wear and tear during chainsaw use.

  • Teflon Treatment: The trousers are treated with Teflon, which is known for its oil, dirt, and water-repellent properties. This treatment can help keep the trousers cleaner and more resistant to these substances, enhancing their longevity and ease of maintenance.

Overall, these trousers are designed with safety, flexibility, and durability in mind, making them suitable for individuals who work in environments where chainsaw use is common. However, it's important to note that proper training and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial when working with chainsaws, and protective clothing like these trousers should be used in conjunction with other safety measures.          


Conformity: The trousers conform to EN381-5 Class 1 Type / Design A

Waist Size Chart

Size         Cms      Inches      

XS          63-71     25-28    

S            71-81     28-32     

M           81-89     32-35     

L            89-97     35-38     

XL          97-107   38-42     

XXL       107-114   42-45   


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