Singer Chainsaw Forestry Helmet




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A high-quality safety helmet designed for various forestry work. 

  1. 8-Point Harness:

    • Provides a secure and comfortable fit by distributing pressure evenly.
  2. Lightweight and Strong:

    • Ensures that the helmet is not a burden for the wearer while still offering reliable protection.
  3. Ratchet System Adjustment:

    • Allows for easy and precise fitting, ensuring the helmet stays securely in place.
  4. Front Sweatband:

    • Enhances comfort by absorbing sweat and preventing it from reaching the wearer's face.
  5. Back Comfort Foam Pad:

    • Adds an extra layer of comfort, particularly at the back of the head.
  6. Modern and Aesthetic Design:

    • Combines functionality with a visually appealing and contemporary appearance.
  7. Low Temperature Certification (-30°C):

    • Suitable for use in extremely cold environments, ensuring the helmet remains effective and comfortable.
  8. Electric Insulation (440 V A.C):

    • Protects the wearer from electrical hazards by insulating against voltages up to 440 V Alternating Current.
  9. Splash of Molten Metal (MM) Protection:

    • Shields against splashes of molten metal, a crucial feature for industries where this is a potential hazard.


  • Forest helmet which includes: 
    - the safety helmet FORCEO,
    - the adjustable ear cups FORCE107 
       SNR 26dB (H: 28dB,  M: 24dB,  L: 17dB).

    - the mesh visor FORCE825,
    - the face shield holder FORCESUP.
    Delivered dismantled in a box.


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