SilkyTsurugi Curve Handsaw, 270 mm Large Teeth 454-27



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SilkyTsurugi Curve Handsaw, 270 mm Large Teeth 454-27 

7.5 teeth/30mm

The Silky Tsurugi Curve range introduces a specialized pruning saw with a narrow, curved blade, specifically engineered for precision pruning in dense trees and tight spaces, such as the fork of a branch. Here are some key features and design aspects of the Silky Tsurugi Curve saw:

  1. Narrow Blade: The saw features a narrow blade design, allowing for precise and controlled cuts in confined areas where space is limited. This narrow profile enables users to navigate through dense foliage and intricate branch structures with ease, facilitating targeted pruning without causing unnecessary damage to surrounding vegetation.

  2. Curved Blade: The blade of the Tsurugi Curve saw is gently curved, enhancing its maneuverability and cutting efficiency. This curvature ensures optimal contact with the cutting surface, maximizing cutting ability while minimizing the effort required to make each cut. Additionally, the curve helps maintain blade strength and stability, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding pruning conditions.

  3. Exceptional Design: Silky's renowned design expertise is evident in the Tsurugi Curve saw, with meticulous attention to detail and functionality. The saw is crafted to deliver outstanding performance without compromising on blade strength or cutting ability. Every aspect of the design is carefully considered to optimize the saw's functionality and usability, resulting in a tool that meets the needs of professional arborists and gardeners alike.

  4. Precision Pruning: The Tsurugi Curve saw is specifically tailored for precision pruning tasks, allowing users to trim branches with accuracy and finesse. Whether navigating through dense foliage or reaching tight spaces within a tree canopy, this saw provides the precision and control necessary to achieve clean and precise cuts without causing unnecessary damage to surrounding vegetation or structures.


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