Silky PocketBoy Curve 130mm 726-13



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Silky Fox

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The yellow Pocketboys showcase Silky's curved blades. The 8 teeth per 30 mm rip through wood with great speed and leave behind smooth cuts. The curved blades bite into wood and are great for working above your shoulder or below your knee.

The Pocketboy family is designed to be very compact, while never sacrificing quality. Fold the blade into the handle to safely store it. Then slip it in your pocket or hang it from your belt with a rope or caribiner, this saw will travel everywhere with you.

There are two lengths available, 130 mm and 170 mm. Larger sizes are suited for larger branch diameters. A good rule of thumb is the blade can handle branches of half the blade length in diameter.


Silky Saws are manufactured from SK-4 carbon steel and cut out by a laser. The teeth are designed with no set which means they are formed inside the width of the blade - this reduces friction and enables a cleaner, faster and easier cut. Many other saws have teeth formed to project outside the width of the blade requiring much greater effort when sawing.

The manufacturing process also uses the technique of high-frequency electro-impulse hardening during which the teeth are heated and hardened. Importantly, only the teeth are hardened, not the rest of the blade. Thus the blade retains its original flexibility whilst the teeth have a life which is up to 3 times longer than that on standard saws.

The blades are also chrome plated which helps protect against rust and sap as well as providing additional strength. This helps extend the life of the blade.

Almost all Silky saws are fitted with a specially designed rubber 'Gom' handle which reduces vibration and improves grip, reducing the danger of slipping in wet conditions


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