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Oregon- the world leader in saw chain, guide bars, sprockets, and sharpening tools for chainsaws.

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Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Trousers Type C  All round 295397

  1. Lightweight and Comfortable: Chainsaw trousers need to be comfortable for users who may spend extended periods working with heavy equipment. Lightweight materials can reduce fatigue during long hours of use.

  2. Made of Abrasion-Resistant 2-Way Stretch Polyester Fabric: Chainsaw trousers require durability to protect against cuts from chainsaws. The abrasion-resistant polyester fabric, especially when 2-way stretch, adds flexibility and comfort while maintaining resistance to cuts.

  3. Fuel, Oil, and Heat Resistant: The Oregon Yukon chainsaw trousers are resistance to fuel and oil. Heat resistance can also be crucial, especially when working near hot equipment or in warm weather.

  4. 2 Large Front Pockets and 1 Back Pocket with Hook and Loop Closure: These pockets provide practical storage options for tools, gloves, or other equipment that chainsaw operators may need during their work. The hook and loop closures ensure that items remain securely in place.

  5. All-Round Protection: Chainsaw trousers are specifically designed to offer protection against chainsaw cuts and other potential hazards in forestry and arboricultural work. This includes built-in safety features, such as cut-resistant materials and layers, to reduce the risk of injury in case of an accident.

In summary, Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Trousers are designed with the safety and comfort of chainsaw operators in mind. They provide protection against the unique hazards associated with chainsaw use while offering practical features like pockets for tools and equipment. These trousers are a crucial piece of safety gear for professionals working in the forestry and arboricultural industries.

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Small  30-32"

Medium 33-34"

Large 35-36"

XL 37-38"

XXL 39-40"


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