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Husqvarna - A world-leading manufacturer of chainsaws, and chainsaw equipment for forestry and garden users.

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The Husqvarna Technical Extreme chainsaw trousers are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of professional forestry work, offering both safety and comfort for extended periods on the job. These trousers provide Class 1 saw protection, ensuring users are shielded against potential hazards while operating chainsaws.

Key features of the Husqvarna Technical Extreme chainsaw trousers include:

  1. Class 1 Saw Protection: Certified to provide reliable protection against chainsaw cuts, meeting industry standards for safety.

  2. Comfortable Design: Constructed with lightweight and water-repellent materials, these trousers are designed to enhance comfort during long workdays in various weather conditions.

  3. 4-Way Customizable Stretch: The trousers feature a 4-way stretch design that adapts to the wearer's body, offering flexibility and freedom of movement for optimal performance.

  4. Tech-Knee Protection: The unique Tech-Knee design ensures additional saw protection, even when the wearer's knees are bent or in different working positions, enhancing safety during operation.

  5. Adjustable Fit: Available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, these trousers offer a customizable fit suitable for both men and women. Additionally, braces are included to provide added support and ensure a secure fit.

Overall, the Husqvarna Technical Extreme chainsaw trousers are tailored to meet the specific needs of professional forestry workers, combining advanced safety features with ergonomic design elements to facilitate efficient and comfortable performance in challenging environments.


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