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Husqvarna - A world-leading manufacturer of chainsaws, and chainsaw equipment for forestry and garden users.

More about Husqvarna

The Husqvarna climbing harness is a reliable companion for arborists tackling challenging days in the trees. Its emphasis on comfort, with features like soft back padding and adjustable leg loops, is well-designed to minimize strain during long hours of work. Safety has to be a priority, with the double bridge and durable webbing enhancing stability and protection. Plus, the flexibility to adapt to various working methods and climbing styles is a definite plus, as is the ability to attach accessories for added convenience. Tailored to meet the demands of tree climbing professionals.

A cover to protect your waist buckle from saw dust.
Exchangeable padding
With replaceable spare parts such as padding, the harness can last you longer. Padding in waist and leg loops can simply be removed for cleaning or replacement.
Adjustable leg loops
Comfortable leg loops that are easy to put on and adjust to your fit.
Elastic strap on waist and close up on harness
Easy to put on and adjust
The elastic straps makes it easy to put on the harness correctly as it holds it on place while you adjust the settings to fit you. Both waist and legs have Cobra buckles.
Colour coded attachment hardware
Colour coded attachment hardware improves safety.
Multi-layer back webbing
The main structure contains of multi layers which creates stability and comfort when working in the tree tops.
Gear attachment points
This harness gives you the possibility to add the gear to suit you for your working style. There are various options for attaching accessories, including loops for shoulder strap.
Double bridge for maximum mobility when working in the trees. One of the bridges is supplied with a high quality aluminium ring. Bridge ropes available as spare parts in different lengths.


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