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Husqvarna - A world-leading manufacturer of chainsaws, and chainsaw equipment for forestry and garden users.

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Husqvarna Basic Chainsaw Protective Kit Includes Leggings, Helmet and Gloves. 581966001 This is a pre-packed kit containing the basic protective equipment that is needed when using a chainsaw. Includes chaps with saw protection class 1 ( 20m/s), Functional gloves with saw protection (16m/s) and a Forest helmet Classic. The one size chaps can be used over your regular working trousers. Helmet: Completely equipped for forestry or garden work. With a traditional six-point plastic harness and one-hand adjustable slip ratchet. The harness depth is also adjustable in three steps for individual fit. The hearing protectors are developed for optimal ergonomics. Metal mesh visor that provides good protection and good visibility.The helmet has been tested and meets the requirements in EN397 Gloves: A comfortable saw protection glove made with a goat leather double palm with foam laminated spandex on the back and with nylon neoprene knuckles. Goat leather has a good protection against moisture since it contains natural fat and is therefore suitable for demanding jobs. Knitted wrist makes it easy to put on and gives a soft comfort.. Meets requirements of: Saw protection Class 0, 16m/s according to EN 381-7 Leggings: One size chaps that can be used above your regular working trousers. Ideal when working in hot weather conditions. Full length zip fastenings at back and waist belt with adjustable height and waist width Meets requirements of: EN 381-5, EN 340 class 1, 20m/s.


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