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Husqvarna - A world-leading manufacturer of chainsaws, and chainsaw equipment for forestry and garden users.

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For homeowners with smaller, flatter lawns, the Husqvarna Automower 105 offers all the reliability, convenience, and performance of Husqvarna's renowned robotic mowers. This compact model delivers excellent cutting results and is easy to install, maintain, and operate. Its quiet operation ensures your neighbours won’t even notice it at work. For a version with an installation kit and pre-set PIN code, please visit the online exclusive variant product page.


  • Compact and Lightweight: The small size and low weight of the Automower 105 enhance manoeuvrability in tight spaces and simplify manual moving between different grass areas. It’s also easy to store.
  • Guide Wire (Patented): The patented guide wire helps the mower navigate back to its charging station quickly, reducing searching time, especially in complex gardens.
  • Remote Start Points x2: Ensure a uniform cut across your lawn by starting the mower from two different remote locations along the guide wire. This feature is particularly useful for larger lawns.
  • Manages Slopes up to 25%: Despite its compact size, the mower's large, coarse-tread drive wheels and optimised balance provide excellent traction, allowing it to handle slopes up to 25%.
  • Secondary Area Capability: If your lawn has separate areas, you can set up a secondary zone within the installation. Manually move the mower between areas to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Reliability: With 25 years of development, Husqvarna has refined the Automower to achieve the highest levels of reliability, quality, and cutting performance with minimal assistance.
  • Silent Operation: Thanks to its unique cutting system, the Automower 105 operates extremely quietly, ensuring it doesn’t disturb you or your neighbours.
  • Unique Cutting System: The mower cuts a little but frequently, promoting a healthy lawn. It features sharp, carbon steel razor-like blades mounted on a robust cutting disc system for efficient operation and low energy consumption.
  • Theft Protection: The Automower 105 includes a theft protection system with an alarm and a unique PIN code to ensure high security.
  • Scheduling: Customise your mowing schedule to have the Automower work around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Lift & Tilt Sensors: These safety features automatically shut off the cutting system if the mower is lifted or tips over. It also redirects itself when encountering obstacles, preventing damage.
  • Weatherproof: Designed to withstand harsh weather, the Automower 105 can operate efficiently even in the rain, making it ideal for the Nordic climate.
  • Low Carbon Emissions: This battery-powered mower produces no direct CO₂ emissions during use, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petrol mowers. However, CO₂ emissions are generated during the production, charging, and disposal stages.



  • Battery Capacity: 2.1 Ah
  • Battery Pack Weight: 0.26 kg
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Voltage: 18 V
  • Charging Current: 1.3 A
  • Charging System: Automatic
  • Connected Digital Function Set (calc) Premium: Released 2019-10-31
  • Power Consumption During Cutting: 20 W
  • Typical Charging Time: 50 min
  • Typical Mow Time on One Charge: 65 min


  • Area Capacity per Hour: 43 m²
  • Maximum Slope Performance at Boundary: 15 %
  • Maximum Slope Performance Inside Installation: 25 %
  • Maximum Slope Performance Inside Installation: 14 °
  • Mean Energy Consumption at Maximum Use: 600 m²
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Working Area Capacity (±20): 600 m²


  • Blade Motor Type: Brushless DC motor
  • Drive Motor Type: Brushless DC motor
  • Power/Fuel Type: Battery


  • Alarm: Yes
  • Colour: Granite grey
  • Cutting System: 3 pivoting razor blades
  • Extra Blades: 6 pcs
  • Follow Boundary: No
  • Follow Guide: 1
  • Handle Type: Integrated
  • Headlights: No
  • Home Signal: No
  • Display: MonoChrome Graphical Display 2.1”
  • Installation Lock: Yes
  • User Interface: Keypad and display
  • Lift Sensor: Yes
  • Loop Wire: 0 m
  • Navigation System: Irregular
  • PIN Code: Yes
  • Search System: Single search
  • Tilt Sensor: Yes
  • Time Lock: Yes
  • Schedule: Yes
  • Wheel Threads: Medium


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