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Husqvarna - A world-leading manufacturer of chainsaws, and chainsaw equipment for forestry and garden users.

More about Husqvarna

Designed for robustness, efficiency, and user comfort, this 50cc chainsaw excels in felling, limbing, and bucking tasks for small to medium-sized trees. It's also adept at more challenging tree care operations. The design is streamlined for ease of use, and the chainsaw boasts a range of innovative features for reliable and smooth operation.


Advanced Cooling System
Our latest cooling mechanism has been meticulously engineered to prolong the life of the engine, delivering a reliable chainsaw for all scenarios.


Long-lasting Felling Sight
Since accurate sight is crucial for effective felling, we've created a sight mechanism that will endure as long as the chainsaw itself.


Bar Nut Retention
A special retaining function safeguards against the loss of bar nuts.


Reduced Vibration with LowVib®
State-of-the-art anti-vibration dampeners absorb excess vibrations, protecting the user's arms and hands.


Streamlined Design
The chainsaw's low-profile and sleek form facilitates ease of use in a variety of situations.


Efficient Air Cleaning with Air Injection
The centrifugal air cleaning system minimises wear and tear, extending the time between filter maintenance.


Winter-Friendly Flip-up Tank Caps
The tank caps are simple to open and secure firmly, even when wearing heavy winter gloves.


Quick Filter Replacement
The quick-release air filter enables effortless cleaning and filter replacement.


Durable Magnesium Crankcase
Built to withstand high RPMs and rugged use, the robust crankcase promises a long service life.


Retained Starter Screws
This feature prevents the loss of the screws that secure the starter.


Easy Maintenance with Snap-lock Cylinder Cover
Save time during maintenance with the snap-lock cylinder cover, designed for swift spark plug changes and cleaning.


Effortless Operation with AutoTune
AutoTune ensures optimal engine efficiency by automatically adjusting settings. There's no need for manual carburettor tweaks, and it accounts for variations in fuel, elevation, humidity, and temperature, as well as blocked air filters.


Eco-Friendly X-Torq®
X-Torq® technology results in reduced fuel consumption and emissions, meeting the strictest global environmental standards.


Transparent Fuel Gauge
A clear fuel indicator allows for easy monitoring of fuel levels.


Robust Three-Piece Crankshaft
The forged, three-piece crankshaft is designed for maximum durability, even in the most demanding applications.


User-Friendly Chain Tensioner
The side-mounted chain tensioner simplifies quick and easy chain adjustments.


Customisable Oil Pump
The adjustable oil pump lets you tailor the chain lubrication to your specific requirements.



Chain Spec: H25, Size (HxWxL): 28x22x44 cm, Recommended Bar Length: 13-20 inches, Weight (excluding cutting kit): 5.3 kg.



Cylinder Size: 50.1 cm³, Electrode Spacing: 0.5 mm, Fuel Use: 432 g/kWh & 1.3 kg/h, Fuel Tank: 0.53 l, Idle RPM: 2800, Max RPM: 10200, Power: 3.0 kW, Spark Plug: NGK CMR6H, Max Torque: 3.15 Nm.



Bar Mount: Small, Chain Speed at 133% Max Power: 26.1 m/s, Chain Pitch: .325", Max Recommended Bar Length: 50 cm, Min Recommended Bar Length: 33 cm, Sprocket: Rim 7.



Oil Pump: Adjustable flow, inactive at idle, Oil Tank: 0.32 l.



Guaranteed Sound Level (LWA): 117 dB(A), Measured Sound Level: 115 dB(A), Operator Ear Sound Pressure: 107 dB(A).



Front Handle Vibration (ahv, eq): 3.3 m/s², Rear Handle Vibration (ahv, eq): 4.9 m/s².


Emission Data (CARB)

Engine Family: EPA KHVXS.0505AJ.


Emission Data (EPA)

Average CO: 225.12 g/kWh, FEL CO: 536 g/kWh, Average CO₂: 812 g/kWh, Average HC: 56.33 g/kWh, Average NOx: 3.92 g/kWh.


Emission Data (EU)

Average CO: 227.28 g/kWh, Average CO₂: 813 g/kWh, Average HC: 54.16 g/kWh, Average NOx: 3.55 g/kWh.


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