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Husqvarna - A world-leading manufacturer of chainsaws, and chainsaw equipment for forestry and garden users.

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Husqvarna 40-B140, a 4 Ah integrated battery designed for part-time use in various applications. 

  1. Integrated Fast Charging: The battery is designed for quick charging, allowing users to spend less time waiting for the battery to charge and more time using their equipment.

  2. 4 Ah Capacity: With a capacity of 4 ampere-hours (Ah), this battery provides a decent amount of power for part-time use, suitable for a range of applications.

  3. High Power Cells: The use of high-power cells ensures a consistent and reliable power output even in different climate conditions. This feature is beneficial for maintaining performance in various environments.

  4. Long Runtime: The high capacity and efficient power delivery of the battery contribute to a long runtime, allowing users to use their equipment for extended periods between charges.

  5. Active Cooling: The battery is equipped with excellent active cooling, particularly useful in demanding applications where heat dissipation is crucial. This feature helps maintain optimal performance and prolong the battery life.

  6. Fast Charging and Excellent Active Cooling: The active cooling feature is not only beneficial during demanding applications but also during the fast-charging process. This helps manage heat generated during rapid charging, contributing to a safer and more efficient charging experience.

  7. Intuitive 4-LED Charge Indicator: The battery features a user-friendly 4-LED charge indicator, providing users with a quick and easy way to check the remaining battery life. 

  8. Rechargeable up to 600 times


Battery capacity4.0 Ah
Battery output power146.0 Wh
Battery sub-groupsBattery series batteries
Battery typeLithium Ion
Battery voltage36 V


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