Hug Rug Barrier Mat Pet 60 Please Wipe Your Paws Size 65cm x 85cm



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Hug Rug Barrier Mat Pet 60 Please Wipe Your Paws

Design - Pet 60

Backing - ECO-GENICS

Size 65 x 85cm approx

We all love our dogs but they are no good at wiping their feet, so a Hug Rug is perfect to putting a stop to those muddy prints.

It's ability to absorb moisture helps keep your floor dry, and the antislip back keeps it safe and in position. With the ability to wash it over and over again it remains hygienic. All sizes are approximate and a small level of shrinkage can occur during the manufacturing process


We all love the environment, nature and wildlife but we want to keep it in it’s rightful place OUTSIDE! So use this INDOOR barrier mat to keep it that way! Hug Rug barrier mats are designed to be used mainly indoors, all around the home, or in the back of the car, porches, in fact they look great anywhere! •100% RECYCLED CONTENT •TRAPS UP TO 95% DUST DIRT AND MUD •GENUINELY MANUFACTURED IN THE UK •100% RECYCLABLE •WASHABLE AT 30°C •SUSTAINABLE LIFECYCLE


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