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Hitachi CG 24EKS (S) Brushcutter Ex Display but New just a few odd marks

24cc 2 stroke

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Loop handle and angled head
  • Solid steel drive shaft
  • S start: soft and smooth engine recoil starter
  • Nylon trimmer head as standard

The Hitachi CG24EKS is the straight-shafted version of the lightweight brushcutter and also features the soft and smooth engine recoil starter making it very easy to use.  It also shares the revolutionary new PureFire ultra efficient engines which deliver all the benefits of two-stroke power with increased fuel economy and much reduced emissions.  A solid steel highly durable drive shaft completes the design and this model is available with a d-loop handle. Hitachi's innovative 'PureFire' two-stroke engine, produces ultra-low emissions without the need for special or additional internal moving parts. During the intake / compression stroke, the optimized scavenging system within the cylinder and crankcase walls, significantly increase the atomization of the fuel / air mixture which results in a much more efficient combustion process. Then, in the combustion / exhaust stroke, the exhaust exits through a small catalytic converter in the muffler where the remaining hydrocarbons turn into carbon dioxide.


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