Francital FI513 Class 1 Type C Prior Move Pro Chainsaw Trousers



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The Francital FI513 1C chainsaw trousers are designed to provide premium protection and functionality for forestry professionals. Here are some key features:

  1. SOFIGUARD® Water-Repellent Finish: This special finish helps repel water, keeping you dry and comfortable even in damp conditions.

  2. SOFLY® Five-Layer Protection: These trousers offer comprehensive protection with multiple layers to shield against the hazards associated with hand-held chainsaw use.

  3. 360° Protection: Designed to provide all-round protection, ensuring safety from chainsaw-related injuries from all angles.

  4. Multiple Pockets: The trousers come equipped with two hand pockets for convenient storage of small items, and a ruler pocket with a spark plug spanner loop for easy access to tools.

  5. Semi-Elasticated Belt: The trousers feature a semi-elasticated belt with loops and buttons for braces, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit.

  6. Wide Dorsal Bib: The dorsal bib provides additional coverage and protection for the upper body.

  7. Reinforced Areas: Certain areas of the trousers are reinforced with double-sided fabric and gusseting, enhancing durability and resistance to wear and tear.

  8. Stretchable: The trousers are designed with stretchable fabric to allow for ease of movement, ensuring comfort during extended periods of wear.

Overall, the Francital FI513 1C chainsaw trousers combine advanced protection, durability, and functionality to meet the needs of forestry workers in demanding environments.



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