Echo EH-DTT-2100 56V Battery T-HEDGE TRIMMER Unit Only



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Echo EH-DTT-2100 56V Battery T-HEDGE TRIMMER

The ECHO DTT-2100 is a professional-grade trimmer designed for efficient and environmentally conscious work. Here are some key features and benefits highlighted in the description:

  1. Battery Platform: The trimmer utilizes the 56 eFORCE battery platform, ensuring reliable power for professional tasks.

  2. Environmentally Friendly: Designed to minimize disruption to the environment and bystanders, making it suitable for noise-sensitive areas.

  3. Safe Trimming: The unique T-shaped cutting head ensures quick and precise trimming without the risk of throwing objects or damaging surfaces. This feature is particularly advantageous when working in areas with damageable property, such as windows or vehicles.

  4. Edge Trimming: The trimmer allows trimming right up against edges without causing any damage, providing versatility and efficiency in various trimming scenarios.

  5. Smooth Operation: Equipped with two wheels and sleds, the trimmer offers smooth and effortless operation on both flat and uneven surfaces, enabling efficient trimming of large areas by sweeping back and forth.

  6. Versatile Cutting Head: The T-shaped cutting head design provides peace of mind similar to the Rotary Scissors PRS-231 attachment, offering versatility and high efficiency in a single tool. It allows for easy angle adjustment, smooth motion on different surfaces, and straightforward maintenance.

  7. Hassle-free Maintenance: The DTT-2100 is designed for easy maintenance, allowing users to quickly connect the 56 eFORCE battery and clear sensitive areas with minimal effort.

  8. Damage Prevention: Users can trim with confidence in areas with the risk of property damage from thrown objects, as the scissor-motion trimming prevents the kicking up of stones or other small debris.

Overall, the ECHO DTT-2100 offers hassle-free, efficient, and environmentally conscious trimming solutions for professional users.



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