Aspen 2 Fuel 2 stroke Mix (Collection Only)



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Aspen Fuel

A cleaner longer lasting fuel,  better for machines and working environment

More about Aspen Fuel

Aspen 2T is a pre-mixed alkylate petrol suitable for all air cooled 2-stroke engines, no matter what fuel oil mix. It is mixed with a synthetic high quality high performance 2-stroke oil for maximum protection and low smoke.

Aspen is free from ethanol,sulphur,solvents,olefins & benzene.

Can be stored without going off for 3-5 years.


The result is: •a petrol that is virtually free from sulphur, benzene and aromatics (solvents) •is ethanol free •is chemically inert - can leave the fuel in machinery and will start easily next time •a low odour - you are breathing much cleaner air when working with your power tools


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