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The Arbortec Breatheflex Ladies Type A Chainsaw Trousers are specialized trousers designed for women who work in forestry and arboriculture, particularly those who operate chainsaws. 


  • Designed for Women: These trousers have been exclusively designed and built to fit the female form, ensuring a well-fitted and comfortable experience for women forest workers and arborists.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Chainsaw trousers should be lightweight and comfortable for long hours of work. These trousers aim to provide comfort throughout the day.

  • Breathable: Breathability is essential to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort during work. The Climasphere breathable fabric used in these trousers helps maintain a comfortable temperature.

  • Abrasion Resistance: The outer shell of these trousers is highly abrasion-resistant, ensuring durability in rugged outdoor environments.

  • Chainsaw Protection: The trousers incorporate a multi-layered chainsaw shield system with Dyneema, a strong material, to provide ultimate protection against chainsaw-related accidents.

  • Crotch Reinforcement: The crotch area is reinforced with Kevlar, a highly durable material, to eliminate ripping. This reinforcement ensures the trousers withstand the demands of forestry work.

  • Flexibility: The trousers feature incredibly stretchy fabric that allows for a high degree of movement and flexibility, making them suitable for work in trees and other challenging terrains.

  • Stalling System: The Breatheflex range uses a lightweight chainsaw stalling system, which enhances comfort during long hours of use.

  • Class 1 Protection: These trousers are rated to Class 1 protection, providing protection for the front of the legs against chainsaw accidents at a speed of 20 meters per second.

  • Six-Way Stretch: The six-way stretch feature in the fabric makes these trousers extremely comfortable, allowing for ease of movement and flexibility, crucial for forest workers and arborists.


Reinforced seams at high tension areas: - Stronger build for longer lasting trousers.
Kevlar reinforcement at lower leg: - Resistant to abrasion.
Quality YKK zipper system on flies and all pockets: - Zipper system is designed to survive extensive heavy use.
Downward facing Pocket Zips: - Compatible with wearing a climbing harness.
Reinforced lining around ankle: - Reduces wear from boot lace hooks.
Hi-Vis Reflective decals: - Improved roadside safety in low-light conditions.
Cargo and phone pockets have double fold-over flap: - Keeps dirt and sawdust out.
Elasticated boot lace fastener: - Reduces sawdust ingress into the boot.



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